365 Days Aboard Marionette’s Revenge

Can you believe it? It’s already been one year since S/V Marionettes Revenge and crew left the marina dock in beautiful downtown Tarpon Springs!?! One year since we were wished a heart warming “bon voyage” by all our new Florida friends.   One year of making new friends along the watery way. South to the warmContinue reading “365 Days Aboard Marionette’s Revenge”

Hiatus Ends

Well, its mid January (and I am catching up on posting!) and after a very exhausting whirlwind of travel, we are happy to be once again on Marionette’s Revenge and moving at the speed of smell. The silly season is over and after enduring tropical storm Nicole, playing pickleball in freezing mountainous temps, and aContinue reading “Hiatus Ends”

Holy Ship Norfolk!!

When Americans build a boat…they build a freakin’ boat!!! After our departure from the free dock in Chesapeake, VA we passed through a bascule bridge and were quickly crammed into a river lock that nearly held one 100 foot cargo barge, two power boats, and three sailboats. Ever been on a really crowded elevator andContinue reading “Holy Ship Norfolk!!”

Buying Friends

After a few monotonous days in the ICW, we took advantage of a free dock in Chesapeake, Virginia. We had been somewhat traveling with not one, but two new boat mate friends. The first a nice couple heading back to Norfolk with their new to them Prestige 500. The second couple are on a 36′Continue reading “Buying Friends”

“I’m a Thousand Miles From Nowhere”

Remember Dwight Yoakum?  The other day we chugged 50+ miles up the Pungo ( that’s fun to say) River which eventually turned into the Alligator River. I say chugged because we had a 15-20 knot headwind which reved up the diesel to about 2800 RPMs.  After a late start we finally tied up at theContinue reading ““I’m a Thousand Miles From Nowhere””

From Bimini to Space

Wow, leaving Bimini was hard. Harder than I had imagined.   Yes, I suppose leaving any version of paradise is difficult in the head and heart. But this was most definitely different. It wasn’t the crystal clear green/blue water I’ll miss. It wasn’t the the delicious food and drink abound. Or even the endless blue skyContinue reading “From Bimini to Space”

Murder, Decapitation………..and Deliciousness

THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE CONTAINS GRAPHIC DETAILS AND MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR YOU IF YOUR BEST FRIEND HAS EVER CALLED YOU A NANCY. These days I find myself becoming mostly a pescatarian. Not for any great reason except that fish is so readily available. I’ve never given a ton of thought over the process ofContinue reading “Murder, Decapitation………..and Deliciousness”

Our Time in Marathon

Here we are and guess who we got to meet up with again! Yep our favorite seagoing captain, Captain Karl!!! We met Karl a few weeks back in Venice while he was on a delivery. He had mentioned that he would be in the Marathon area about the same time as we would be, andContinue reading “Our Time in Marathon”

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

One of the beautiful things about living on a boat is the ablity to choose your surroundings. Don’t like your marina? Move. Don’t like your neighbors? Move. But what if you do like your neighbors? Didn’t see that one coming, but what a happy surprise! When we landed in Tarpon Springs after our 1500 mileContinue reading “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”