Hiatus Ends

Well, its mid January (and I am catching up on posting!) and after a very exhausting whirlwind of travel, we are happy to be once again on Marionette’s Revenge and moving at the speed of smell. The silly season is over and after enduring tropical storm Nicole, playing pickleball in freezing mountainous temps, and a trip north with a healthy dose of chaos that will not be forgotten, we prepare to head back to warm and tranquil Bahamas.

The last week was too much fun. My beautiful sister from Canada joined us for a few days sauntering down the central Florida ICW for a well deserved break. AND, we were joined by the bearded wonder himself…Captain Karl for a quick overnight visit!

We get a day and a half of traveling south until we pick up some of our absolute favorite crew the Bill and the Karen. (Remember them from the Coin Jock leg?)

Yep, they are going to make the crossing with us to the Bahamas next week. How lucky are we? 

Many of of our cruising friends are already enjoying Bimini, the Exumas and points beyond. Time to catch the hell up!!!

Oh wait….how can we forget this!!!

Yes, there’s a boat under there. 

Yes, someone lives aboard.

No, apparently he does NOT wear pants.

2 thoughts on “Hiatus Ends

  1. Wow 😁💯 beautiful ,love that boat Picture 😁,love the Bahamas, maybe one day I’ll get to go,y’all 😉 enjoy& be SAFE 💯LOVE YA ❤️


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