Our Time in Marathon

Here we are and guess who we got to meet up with again! Yep our favorite seagoing captain, Captain Karl!!! We met Karl a few weeks back in Venice while he was on a delivery. He had mentioned that he would be in the Marathon area about the same time as we would be, and …knot…only would he be here but also with some very good friends of his Brett and Kim. They also are proud CSY owners on a 44 footer named Kitty Hawk. I can’t say enough about these two fabulous peeps and we are ever so greatful Karl introduced us to them.

Kim is a sexy, fiery red head and a damn live wire! She’s also a hell of a cook, funny, and has been leading the charge on Kitty Hawk as they have have been at sea on and off for eight years. 

Brett is master of all things and I bow to his handyman skills. He’s helped me out more than I are to share and rebuilt my carburetor on my Mercury 9.9 outboard which has been giving us issues. He’s quickly become a good drinking buddy and better friend. In a week or so we all head to the Bahamas together for adventures unknown. He’s also pretty sexy….I mean funny. 

In the meantime…Marathon and Tavernier Key.  Like all the Keys Marathon is beautiful. We anchored out back on the gulf side conveniently located next to a bar. Not JUST A bar, a bar with a freakin’ pool! Oh, and Marathon has a free taxi service for the entire island. Do you know how handy that can be with a new drinking buddy? Truth be told we were all pretty well behaved.

Did I mention our 9.9 broke down again?

Karl has a car there so he was kind enough to run us all up and down the keys to shop and get covid tested for the Bahamas. Between the car, free taxi, and our very powerful electric scooters (Hardly Davidsons) we got around just peachy.

Above is the second time our 9.9 broke down and Brett towed us to the boat. Or was it to shore THIS time? No matter. Mercury 9.9 down again…

FYI, Sharky’s restaurant is a must stop for all you weary travelers headed to Key West. Even better if you can get there via dinghy.

Marionettes Revenge is doing great despite showing signs of travel. Just little things breaking as to be expected, but overall our floating home is dry and comfortable. Jana also used her mad sewing kills and just made us a new dodger to keep us dry. Damn we love this boat!!!!

Every now and then I like to give a quick review on a product or service. A little PSA I like to call “Review Time”… So…

Review time. Wait…what!?!?

9.9 down again!!!!!!!


Next stop Bimini.

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