Ahhh-napolis (part 2)

The city is great. The weather is great. The boats are great. The food is great. (Alright your greatness move on) New friends…Annapolis not only brought us so much great stuff, but we made new friends and saw some old friends as well. Baltimore, no not Annapolis, but Baltimore brought us together with a trulyContinue reading “Ahhh-napolis (part 2)”

Django for President

Bark woof yelp, woof woof, woof bark bark woof….oops…. Likely easier to hear the story from me rather than Django himself.  I’m paraphrasing so work with me… “My Cam” had to spend a few days away from me recently. He must have been curing cancer or fighting the Ruskies in the Ukraine ’cause otherwise heContinue reading “Django for President”

Quoth the Raven

“The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe. Likely one of my favorite poems. Surprising that I’d like something rather dark and spooky I know. Did you know the NFL team Baltimore Ravens were named after that same poem? I was this many years old when I found out about that nugget of knowledge. Almost on aContinue reading “Quoth the Raven”


That’s what the sticker says. You know, the white oval ones with the black trim and black letters? The ones strategically place on your rear car windows.  Oxford, Maryland that is. Steeped in deep history and sorta right out of a historical fairytale. We recently traveled northward up the Chesapeake Bay approximately 35 miles fromContinue reading “OX”


I’ve traveled. I’ve been a few places and I’ve seen a few things. Whether it be Europe, Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas or elsewhere,  I’ve seen, you know, stuff. But I’ve never seen anything like Tangier, Virginia. Maybe something similar in Europe but never here in these United States. This amazing tiny island holds about 450Continue reading “Tangier”

Holy Ship Norfolk!!

When Americans build a boat…they build a freakin’ boat!!! After our departure from the free dock in Chesapeake, VA we passed through a bascule bridge and were quickly crammed into a river lock that nearly held one 100 foot cargo barge, two power boats, and three sailboats. Ever been on a really crowded elevator andContinue reading “Holy Ship Norfolk!!”


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