Buying Friends

After a few monotonous days in the ICW, we took advantage of a free dock in Chesapeake, Virginia. We had been somewhat traveling with not one, but two new boat mate friends. The first a nice couple heading back to Norfolk with their new to them Prestige 500. The second couple are on a 36′ Catalina named…Breaking Wind.

Breaking Wind (hee hee)

We pulled onto the free dock and all let the dogs do their business. Afterwards the ladies walked to the grocery store for much needed salt, hard tack, and rum (or actually scented candles, extra soft Charmin toilet paper, and some diet tonic water.)

All the pups ❤️

I on the other hand hopped aboard my trusty Hardly and quick as a flash scooted into town in search of a liquor store. I must have pissed off Neptune somewhere along the way because the only one that was…scooterable…was closed for remodeling.

Is that even legal?

However, there is a happy ending to this seemingly tragic tale…


Yes, they make the donuts right in front of your bewildering eyes, then top them off with whatever you want!!!!

I salivated, ordered, paid, and took these six fresh, warm bites of perfection back to the boat to share with our new friends.

Let me ask you, what better way to buy new friends than to offer them these…

Review time.

Essential gear when traveling on a sailboat from here to there and there to hither is a backpack.

We have several on board and honestly they are all quite good and serve multiple purposes. 

Except for a six pack of gourmet donuts placed on their side and scooted down a busy bumpy street.

In this reviewers mind I highly do not believe this should be attempted. Rather, a professional donut carrying case would be of better use.

Close up of the Maple Bacon kind

PSA out.

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