Chocolate Jesus and Cocaine

Today…..well, your couple of days ago…was Easter Sunday. HAPPY EASTER!!! Where does the whole Jesus and Easter Bunny thing collide again?  If you have kids or grandkids I’m sure it was a morning of hunting painted eggs (or potatoes at today’s current single cell prices) Or, likely tasty mimosas and brunch to satisfy your palate, and aContinue reading “Chocolate Jesus and Cocaine”

365 Days Aboard Marionette’s Revenge

Can you believe it? It’s already been one year since S/V Marionettes Revenge and crew left the marina dock in beautiful downtown Tarpon Springs!?! One year since we were wished a heart warming “bon voyage” by all our new Florida friends.   One year of making new friends along the watery way. South to the warmContinue reading “365 Days Aboard Marionette’s Revenge”


Betcha you never saw that in the name. Nassau was a lot like eastern Florida. Loud fat tourists, loud fast boats, loud hawaiian shirts, and too much loud traffic. No thanks. No desire to go to Nassau whatsoever. Especially after the very quiet week we had in the Berry Islands. So why were there? FORContinue reading “nASSau”

Pinky the Pirate

Pinky says “Bimini is great fun, but it’s high time to continue the adventures aboard Marionettes Revenge.” Where are you off to this time?” you may ask. East. 80 miles nearly due east to a part of the Bahamas known as The Berry’s. Home to Halle Berry, Chuck Berry, Barry Manilow, Barry Gibb, and theContinue reading “Pinky the Pirate”

Hiatus Ends

Well, its mid January (and I am catching up on posting!) and after a very exhausting whirlwind of travel, we are happy to be once again on Marionette’s Revenge and moving at the speed of smell. The silly season is over and after enduring tropical storm Nicole, playing pickleball in freezing mountainous temps, and aContinue reading “Hiatus Ends”

Embracing the Suck

It’s a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning – 65 degrees, light breeze. Enjoyed sleeping in after a long week. Leisurely make our way to the galley to make coffee while the husband goes to take Django out. SPLASH! Pup overboard – quickly hop onto a friends swim platform a few slips down and pull the wet,Continue reading “Embracing the Suck”

Pay Your Bill and be a Karen

Admittedly I don’t like Bills. Let’s be honest…who does? And NOBODY like a Karen. And then there’s these two. We met this awesome couple about a decade ago back while I was learning the lines and beer can racing on Lake Lanier. We were all crew together for a season, then turned competitors. They alsoContinue reading “Pay Your Bill and be a Karen”

Ahhh-napolis (part 2)

The city is great. The weather is great. The boats are great. The food is great. (Alright your greatness move on) New friends…Annapolis not only brought us so much great stuff, but we made new friends and saw some old friends as well. Baltimore, no not Annapolis, but Baltimore brought us together with a trulyContinue reading “Ahhh-napolis (part 2)”

Django for President

Bark woof yelp, woof woof, woof bark bark woof….oops…. Likely easier to hear the story from me rather than Django himself.  I’m paraphrasing so work with me… “My Cam” had to spend a few days away from me recently. He must have been curing cancer or fighting the Ruskies in the Ukraine ’cause otherwise heContinue reading “Django for President”