A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

One of the beautiful things about living on a boat is the ablity to choose your surroundings. Don’t like your marina? Move. Don’t like your neighbors? Move. But what if you do like your neighbors? Didn’t see that one coming, but what a happy surprise! When we landed in Tarpon Springs after our 1500 mile journey, we were greated by a friendly face in a really cool trawler named Seamore Odyssey . In our month there, husband and I became friends with the couple who lived there and have shared meals, tips, and laughs. Betheny has become a valued running partner (and the motivation I needed!) and we have bonded over miles of conversations. All of a sudden, our month at Turtle Cove was over and they didn’t have room for us to stay. Our only option was to head north.

The beauty of this move was that we were reunited with our Georgia chosen family member Dean, aka dock husband, aka Django’s very best good friend. About 60 nm north on the Crystal River, home of Three Sister’s Springs, and set in a more rural area of Florida, I have been admittedly less than thrilled to be leaving Tarpon Springs where it felt like we are just settling in, but so looking forward to a month of kayaking, running, biking, and the familiarity of dock dinners with Dean.

While I appreciate the constant change and the excitement of what lies around the next corner, I never really thought about what would happen when I liked my neighbors or my neighborhood. Good problem to have a guess 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

  1. Wow seems like y’all having a great time😂,well enjoy yourselves,&be good😁,&mom said she loves &misses you,can’t wait to. See you again,❤ we love Y’ALLS😀,be safe &have some fun in the sun!!!

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