Pinky the Pirate

Pinky says “Bimini is great fun, but it’s high time to continue the adventures aboard Marionettes Revenge.” Where are you off to this time?” you may ask. East. 80 miles nearly due east to a part of the Bahamas known as The Berry’s. Home to Halle Berry, Chuck Berry, Barry Manilow, Barry Gibb, and theContinue reading “Pinky the Pirate”

Hiatus Ends

Well, its mid January (and I am catching up on posting!) and after a very exhausting whirlwind of travel, we are happy to be once again on Marionette’s Revenge and moving at the speed of smell. The silly season is over and after enduring tropical storm Nicole, playing pickleball in freezing mountainous temps, and aContinue reading “Hiatus Ends”

Bimini Bahamas Part III

Ahhh beautiful Bimini. The western most island in the Bahamas.  A few facts about Bimini… Its approximate length is 4.5 miles long, and in some cases less than 100 yards wide.  Its population without a cruise ship, around 1900 souls. Some of which have never left this little spit of land.  You cannot be bornContinue reading “Bimini Bahamas Part III”