Holy Ship Norfolk!!

When Americans build a boat…they build a freakin’ boat!!!

After our departure from the free dock in Chesapeake, VA we passed through a bascule bridge and were quickly crammed into a river lock that nearly held one 100 foot cargo barge, two power boats, and three sailboats. Ever been on a really crowded elevator and then a last second fat guy steps in?

Yep, it felt like that.

After the lock released us of its tight quartered clutches, we ambled our way northward into downtown Norfolk.


Passing through the shipbuilding harbour towards downtown is almost overwhelming. Boats so large they are the size of a city. Bigger than some in say, South Dakota. 

Words can’t do justice so I leave you with mountains of steel, mighty firepower in the making, and some cool ass sites.

Review time…

It is too long a story to convey, but a decade ago our lives were changed forever right here in Norfolk. Or Nofork as my anonymous good friend likes to say. Did we strike it rich? No. Did we get religion? Uh uh. 


Hell’s Kitchen in the heart of downtown serves up a plate of seafood nachos that will make your mouth water for months.

The ingredients are as follows:

She-crab soup, lump crab, shrimp, and cheese, all over a bed of warm nacho chips.


Ten years later they are just as good today. And what a cool place to dine.

Introducing change your life nachos to our new friends from Breaking Wind

FYI, wear your stretchy pants.

2 thoughts on “Holy Ship Norfolk!!

  1. That’s wonderful 😊, y’all are traveling around the world 🌎, ain’t cha?😁Old unk is so proud of y’all, I wished I was there!!But y’all enjoy yourself,LIFE IS ENJOYING YOUR SELVES & WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT.😁so happy for you Jana & Cameron!❤️❤️be safe & enjoy your selves, unk🌲🌲😁


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