Pinky the Pirate

Pinky says “Bimini is great fun, but it’s high time to continue the adventures aboard Marionettes Revenge.” Where are you off to this time?” you may ask. East. 80 miles nearly due east to a part of the Bahamas known as The Berry’s. Home to Halle Berry, Chuck Berry, Barry Manilow, Barry Gibb, and theContinue reading “Pinky the Pirate”

Django for President

Bark woof yelp, woof woof, woof bark bark woof….oops…. Likely easier to hear the story from me rather than Django himself.  I’m paraphrasing so work with me… “My Cam” had to spend a few days away from me recently. He must have been curing cancer or fighting the Ruskies in the Ukraine ’cause otherwise heContinue reading “Django for President”


That’s what the sticker says. You know, the white oval ones with the black trim and black letters? The ones strategically place on your rear car windows.  Oxford, Maryland that is. Steeped in deep history and sorta right out of a historical fairytale. We recently traveled northward up the Chesapeake Bay approximately 35 miles fromContinue reading “OX”

“I’m a Thousand Miles From Nowhere”

Remember Dwight Yoakum?  The other day we chugged 50+ miles up the Pungo ( that’s fun to say) River which eventually turned into the Alligator River. I say chugged because we had a 15-20 knot headwind which reved up the diesel to about 2800 RPMs.  After a late start we finally tied up at theContinue reading ““I’m a Thousand Miles From Nowhere””

No Room at the Inn

Well, we three felt a little unwelcome this late July. We made a very long 125 mile overnight passage from Amelia Island Florida into downtown lovely Beaufort South Carolina. Not a bad run but the overnights are long. You never really sleep and this part of the coast is laden with big container ships alwaysContinue reading “No Room at the Inn”

Barges, Bridges, Bad Weather and Bourbon

The short passge between Bimini and Cape Canaveral was for the most part uneventful. Just how we like it.  We were able to sail most of day one and with a westerly wind with just the genoa out and were able to make just over seven knots. Sweeeeeet! Sundown brought us a large squall thatContinue reading “Barges, Bridges, Bad Weather and Bourbon”

Stress and Wet Dreams

Ok….so we are just under 2 weeks from casting off our lines and switching from liveaboards to full time cruisers, also known as transients. Exciting times for sure!!! BUT, the reality of dreaming, planning, saving, and spending to get to this point is unbelievable. Of all the things we expected to feel, this enormous wallContinue reading “Stress and Wet Dreams”

Sinatra and Sunsets

We are in this amazing time of year with low humidity and cool breezes where we welcome the sunshine, and I can feel my skin soaking in the vitamin D. That lovely, but short weather window before we reach temperatures that rival the surface of the sun. Evenings are for deck dinners and sunset views.Continue reading “Sinatra and Sunsets”