“I’m a Thousand Miles From Nowhere”

Remember Dwight Yoakum? 

The other day we chugged 50+ miles up the Pungo ( that’s fun to say) River which eventually turned into the Alligator River. I say chugged because we had a 15-20 knot headwind which reved up the diesel to about 2800 RPMs. 

After a late start we finally tied up at the Alligator River Marina about 5:00 P.M. And by marina I mean a gas station that collects money for an overnight stay. Overnight only because if you look down past the highway 53 bridge to the east you’ll actually see fuck all.

HOWEVER, if you look to the west you see even less.  

Nearest grocery 20 miles.

You may notice that our lovely home is listing to port.

Listing you say…? What’s that you ask?

Its yet another nautical term, this time for “leaning” to one side. Now generally speaking there are two things that can cause this. The first and the worst, is that water has infiltrated your boat and causing it to be rather heavy on one side or the other. Terrible thing matey.

The other thing that can cause a boat to list is wind. And in this case our westerly facing boat is being pushed south into the dock by a northerly wind. (I’ve got nothing for easterly so move on.)

Thank God we are in the middle of nowhere and are stuck here for another day till the blow subsides. We tried with much help and might to safely escape the clutches of the dock but it was all in vain. So here we sit.


…and sit…

At least we have some company. We’ve been traveling for the past 2 weeks or so with some very nice folks on Dream. They too are headed to Norfolk and we’ve been sharing marinas and meals together.

Jana where in the hell are we???

One thought on ““I’m a Thousand Miles From Nowhere”

  1. Wow!😁Seems like a helluva of a adventure 😳 😕 🙄, HAVE FUN &be safe 👍!❤️❤️


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