Pinky the Pirate

Pinky says “Bimini is great fun, but it’s high time to continue the adventures aboard Marionettes Revenge.” Where are you off to this time?” you may ask. East. 80 miles nearly due east to a part of the Bahamas known as The Berry’s. Home to Halle Berry, Chuck Berry, Barry Manilow, Barry Gibb, and theContinue reading “Pinky the Pirate”

The One Where a Goal Becomes a Plan

When hubs and I made the initial plan about moving to Florida and the type of boat we wanted by that time, we started with a date. My stepson was about 12 years old and split his time between us and his mother and was slated to graduate May of 2020.  We knew we didn’tContinue reading “The One Where a Goal Becomes a Plan”

Sew, Sew, Sew Your Boat…

I decided to start sewing for purely practical reasons. It’s a useful skill no matter the application and overall pretty popular around the sailing community. I am honestly surprised at how much I enjoy it. Well, it started with just enjoying the results. Enjoying the process has been a much slower courtship. I am NOTContinue reading “Sew, Sew, Sew Your Boat…”