Django for President

Bark woof yelp, woof woof, woof bark bark woof….oops….

Likely easier to hear the story from me rather than Django himself. 

I’m paraphrasing so work with me…

“My Cam” had to spend a few days away from me recently. He must have been curing cancer or fighting the Ruskies in the Ukraine ’cause otherwise he would never leave my side. (He’s sooooo darn dependent on me)

But, despite his absence I decided it was time to take “Mama” on a quick tour of downtown Washington DC. It was a beautiful day and she needed to see the historical sites. Plus, I’ve not sniffed a good park or butt in minutes! And, there were at least two dozen places I needed to mark my territory on. So, we hopped in the big fast thing and away we went. Me in the back seat and “Mama” jamming out to some terrible 90’s pop music (Geez, now I really miss my Cam). After one too many “Meet Virginia” replays we finally made it to the see DC sights.

Fun, fun, and woof!! 

We met a new friend of Mama’s and she didn’t have a dog, but she still seemed ok. The restaurant brought me my very own menu!

Anyway, here’s me in the nation’s capital enjoying a nice day off of the boat. Naturally I allowed oodles of strange people to rub their hands on me and tell me how cute I am. People also said I posed for pictures better than their children. Obviously.

It’s about dog gone time I get my own blog post!

3 thoughts on “Django for President

  1. Wow! That’s awesome, is that the white house?Beautiful picture’s ,enjoy your selves, love old unk 😁😁🦮🦮🦮🦮& YOUR MAMA ❤️❤️


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