Ahhh-napolis (part 2)

The city is great.

The weather is great.

The boats are great.

The food is great.

(Alright your greatness move on)

New friends…Annapolis not only brought us so much great stuff, but we made new friends and saw some old friends as well. Baltimore, no not Annapolis, but Baltimore brought us together with a truly amazing couple. Cindy, Dave, and Rudder. I can’t say enough nice things about them but I will say this. See you both in the Bahamas!

Another cool couple we met were mutual friends of friends. Tom and Pauleen. Back in the day Tom and I were both tearing up the whitewater scene in the Smokies. Although since he was a kayaker and not an open boater, it was a tad tough to be around him. 😁

This cool cat even zoomed us around the city to run some much needed errands.

Old friends…our very good friends Mike and Jocelyn from Tarpon Springs came up to avoid Hurricane Ian. Fortunately Tarpon was mostly spared so we got a bonus visit.

Also up to Maryland for the boat show was another Tarpon dockmate. Harrison made an appearance and we enjoyed a few meals and beers together.

Honestly other than than that little prick Duckman, Annapolis was a fun & friendly place to be. I highly recommend.

Review time…

Eat ALL the soup in Maryland. Holy crap those Mary-Landers know how to make some lumpy liquid gold!!!

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