Chocolate Jesus and Cocaine

Today…..well, your couple of days ago…was Easter Sunday.

HAPPY EASTER!!! Where does the whole Jesus and Easter Bunny thing collide again? 

If you have kids or grandkids I’m sure it was a morning of hunting painted eggs (or potatoes at today’s current single cell prices) Or, likely tasty mimosas and brunch to satisfy your palate, and a bit of churchin’ to keep your souls saved. Orrrr, maybe not for most of you Scallywags’.

Us? The salty crew of Marionette’s Revenge!? What did we do on this fine Sunday morning here in downtown paradise? 

We snorkeled a drug plane. 

Yep, one of Pablo Escabars WW II’s era cocaine cartin’ cargo planes, a Curtiss C-46 Commando to be precise, was shot down NOT carrying plastic Easter eggs and chocolate bunnys. It saw its last flight back in the early ’80s diving into the shallow green  waters just south of Norman’s Cay in the northern Exumas. Fortunately for us this a relatively difficult place to access if you don’t own a boat, so the crowds are few.

It was a short hour motor from our current anchorage just west of Shroud Cay. I really wish we had pics but our phones don’t work well after a saltwater bath, so courtesy of Google…

However, I did want to include a few pics of our last few days after leaving Nassau for some much needed supplies. The color of the water here is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!

Next stop…a return to the Eleuthera Islands to swim with the pigs.

“Remember kids, don’t buy drugs… Become a pop star and they’ll give you them for free!”

                                                            ~Billy Mack

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