Pay Your Bill and be a Karen

Admittedly I don’t like Bills. Let’s be honest…who does?

And NOBODY like a Karen.

And then there’s these two.

We met this awesome couple about a decade ago back while I was learning the lines and beer can racing on Lake Lanier. We were all crew together for a season, then turned competitors. They also have hearts as big as Texas as they along with Karen’s daughter Reilly took care of our beloved Django while we made the trek from St Maarten to Florida.

Bill and Karen flapped their arms and flew from Atlanta to Annapolis to accomplish several things. See family, enjoy the Annapolis boat show, and acompany us from Annapolis, down the Chesapeake Bay, through the ICW to Beaufort, and out to sea to Charleston. 


We’ve never had crew for a week. How will this go? 

She’s a Karen? Will she be difficult? 

He’s a Bill. Do I have to pay him?

Holy shitballs covered in rum!!! These two were amazing!!!! Kind, helpful, generous, and extremely laid back. We could not have asked for more. Karen was awesome and extremely competent at the helm, and Bill was a phenomenal deck hand. And, he told me that joke he knows. While the weather was none conducive to make it from Beaufort to Charleston,  the week we spent together was as fun as can be.

Just to throw in some thought provoking excitement…what do you do when you’re in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, a storm is about to hit you, the sun is going down, a large ship is baring down on you….and the engine stalls and dies?


There’s nothing like great company and crew. Hopefully they will join us again somewhere island hopping in the Carribean.

One thought on “Pay Your Bill and be a Karen

  1. That’s wonderful 😊 enjoy & be safe, ❤️ love you Jana Lu,wazzup cam?I’m so proud of y’all, y’all are amazing!we comeing to see y’all soon,just let us know where in the WORLD YOU ARE, 🌎 😊 LOVE Y’ALL. ❤️ 😍


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