Our good friends Karen and Bill, joined Jana, Django, and I and left Biscayne Bay on a rather muggy January day headed for, once again, Bimini. Specifically Browns Marina on north Bimini. Not south Bimini. How many Biminis is that now???

We had an incredible sail and motor sail over to here. Temperatures were in the high 70’s and the southeasterly winds were not only favorable but in the low teens. Perfect. 


Nothing. It was perfect!!!

We killed an hour or so waiting on a rising tide and motored safe and sound into the marina.


We’re good. All good. Now for a month of sun and fun back on our so far favorite island. Hotdogs, Kaliks, (that’s an adult beverage) deep turquoise waters, and well, more Kaliks for me.

We once again get to visit with some old/new friends like Rasta, Binga, and Shadow. (Sounds like a roll call at a doggie day care) We also bumped into some old lake friends Dawn and Dallas.

We’ve also made a few new friends here too. Star, the “Pimp with the Limp”, Heather and Trent on their beautiful Endeavor 42, and ex weed grower, ex Coloradian… Christian.

The northern winds have been blowin’ like a bugler ( YESSS, I kept it clean!!!!)…this time. And the sun has been kind and not dried us up like a couple of California raisins. Perfect weather!

Not a perfect life but no complaints.

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