Charleston, South Carolina. The Belle of the South. I’ve always loved Charleston. It’s like a classy version of Savannah. Which in a way, is a classy version of New Orleans. Which, in turn is a classy version of Paris. Ah shit, now we have to deal with the French… Charleston.  I’ve had the good fortuneContinue reading “Chaaaalsten”

No Room at the Inn

Well, we three felt a little unwelcome this late July. We made a very long 125 mile overnight passage from Amelia Island Florida into downtown lovely Beaufort South Carolina. Not a bad run but the overnights are long. You never really sleep and this part of the coast is laden with big container ships alwaysContinue reading “No Room at the Inn”

“I’m going to Jackson”…Ville

You know how when you’re really proud of something, and I mean really proud you just can’t wait to tell someone. Like your spouse or, best friend, or kids, or parents? Like you’re just bursting at the seams to tell someone. You can’t stand to hold it in. And you know how when that sameContinue reading ““I’m going to Jackson”…Ville”

Up, Up and Away!!

The time has come and it’s finally time to say sayonara and arrivederci to Cape Canaveral and Titusville. Our visit here has been bittersweet. And it certainly had its ups and downs. Ups meaning the cool rockets and downs by well…manatee shite. During our stay, however, we got a boatload done on Marionettes Revenge. BesidesContinue reading “Up, Up and Away!!”

To Be Bored or Not To Be

Titusville. Dullsville. Zzzzzzzzzzzz No offence Titonians. Titusvillians?! Spacecoasters?!?! We have been in sight of the Kennedy Space Center now for 2 years. Or maybe its been 5 weeks that just FEELS like its been 2 years. Yes there are loud rockets which are very cool every single time. But they don’t go off on theContinue reading “To Be Bored or Not To Be”

Taro Gami

No not Oragami. TARO GAMI. Seriously…what? In 1977 Japan, Taro Gami published a cute and colorful childrens book called “Everybody Poops.”  Yes its true. The writer, the publishing, and the bit about the poop. All are true.  What could this possibly have to do with the misadventures of Marionette’s Revenge you ask. Is this blogContinue reading “Taro Gami”

Barges, Bridges, Bad Weather and Bourbon

The short passge between Bimini and Cape Canaveral was for the most part uneventful. Just how we like it.  We were able to sail most of day one and with a westerly wind with just the genoa out and were able to make just over seven knots. Sweeeeeet! Sundown brought us a large squall thatContinue reading “Barges, Bridges, Bad Weather and Bourbon”

From Bimini to Space

Wow, leaving Bimini was hard. Harder than I had imagined.   Yes, I suppose leaving any version of paradise is difficult in the head and heart. But this was most definitely different. It wasn’t the crystal clear green/blue water I’ll miss. It wasn’t the the delicious food and drink abound. Or even the endless blue skyContinue reading “From Bimini to Space”

Bimini Bahamas Part III

Ahhh beautiful Bimini. The western most island in the Bahamas.  A few facts about Bimini… Its approximate length is 4.5 miles long, and in some cases less than 100 yards wide.  Its population without a cruise ship, around 1900 souls. Some of which have never left this little spit of land.  You cannot be bornContinue reading “Bimini Bahamas Part III”