To Be Bored or Not To Be

Titusville. Dullsville. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

No offence Titonians. Titusvillians?! Spacecoasters?!?!

We have been in sight of the Kennedy Space Center now for 2 years. Or maybe its been 5 weeks that just FEELS like its been 2 years.

Yes there are loud rockets which are very cool every single time. But they don’t go off on the hour every hour so there are lots of other hours to fill.

We came specifically here with a couple of goals in mind. Firstly, Jana wanted to hop a cheap direct flight to South Dakota and nearby Orlando provided that. 

Second we wanted to add an additional 200 watts to our solar system (yes, we have our own solar system and we call it Ra.

(google Ra if you are not in the know and you will see how clever we are)

Lastly Ray Charles here needed some new specs so we figured a 3 week stay would be just about right. Nope, a whopping 5 weeks later and Marionette’s Revenge is still right here. Why you ask? Because the solar panels took forever to arrive via Fed Ex and Dr. Eyefix fubared up my glasses order something awful.

The problem is not Titusville per se…. ahhhh the hell it’s not. This place could lull a Kiss concert into a coma! Let me be clear….it’s flippen boring people!!! I even took pics to prove it.

The water is a manatee poopy brown so no swimming, fishing, paddleboarding, or even getting in the dinghy. I am not putting my shiny 4 stroke Mercury in that smelly abyss.

Brown brown brown

Also, it’s hot. Damn hot. Like a hooker in a hostage situation hot. The daily temprature is typically 95° and the “feels like” is umm, well…Hell.

There are also no nearby interesting places to go like a museum, a shady park, a Bass Pro, West Marine, or even a good air conditioned coffee shop just to hang out in. 

Nope, theres a Walgreens and a thrift store within walking distance. Oh and a tire repair shop across the street. WEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

In an effort to show that there is so absolutely nothing to write about…. I’m done. No reason for me to bore you too.


2 thoughts on “To Be Bored or Not To Be

  1. With the personal knowledge that Mr. Ray Charles knows how to create his own excitement where none exists, I’d have to say that this is a pretty damning statement. Best wishes for better POC’’s when next you pull anchor and unfurl the sails.


  2. Wow it seems like a very peaceful place 😌 😁😁have fun & enjoy love y’all ❤️ old “UNK 😘 I


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