Up, Up and Away!!

The time has come and it’s finally time to say sayonara and arrivederci to Cape Canaveral and Titusville. Our visit here has been bittersweet. And it certainly had its ups and downs. Ups meaning the cool rockets and downs by well…manatee shite.

During our stay, however, we got a boatload done on Marionettes Revenge.

Besides the oil changes and minor repairs, we added an additional charger and 200 more watts of solar via Renogy. 

(Further off the grid we go)

Jana knocked out some neccesary sewing projects with the arrival of more material from Sailrite. Winch covers, grill cover, and most importantly a new sun shade to help keep us cool! Who knew Florida would be so damn hot in July!?!

I even made a rental car drive to Ft. Myers one day and bought a new to us Dometic fridge since our last one pulled a manatee on us. More on that disaster well down a traveled path from here and now.

Jana also made a quick trip up to see the grand nuggets in S.D. So, all in all we accomplished a good bit while here.

We also met a few friends here. Our Malboro man neighbor Danny with his giant 70ft + beast has been fantastic at helping us out with the little things. And and when I had a foot injury and Jana saw gone he was kind enough to take Django out for his daily walks. He even did so in 100° weather. We also met Neil. Like Danny a resident live a board here at Kennedy. He had all kinds of good stories, is knowledgeable about canoes and kayaks, and most every afternoon we’d join him in the pool to watch the afternoon stormys roll in.

But, we’ve put Titusville to our stern and it’s time to once again begin the trek northward.

Quick review on Kennedy Point Yacht Club and Marina. Www.kennedpointyachtclub.com

If you plan on boating in this part of the world, this is a good marina to stop at. Clean? Yes! Secure gates? Yes! OK, but does it have a pool!?! Absolutely and I was in it every day. The docks are in great shape and there’s even a club house with laundry facilities. Also, the dock master Bruce is a great guy to deal with.

Any complaints at all you ask? Only one. The A/C in the clubhouse was rarely if ever on, so not a comfortable place to hang out, but hopefully that won’t be the case for long. Oh yeah, want to watch a freakin’ rocket blast into space…this is THE best view around. 

Peace out.

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