Charleston, South Carolina. The Belle of the South. I’ve always loved Charleston. It’s like a classy version of Savannah. Which in a way, is a classy version of New Orleans. Which, in turn is a classy version of Paris. Ah shit, now we have to deal with the French…


I’ve had the good fortune to have sailed several times in and out of Charleston harbor, but this time it was quite different. This time, it was me at the helm of Marionette’s Revenge. Our boat, our home.

We past Fort Sumter to our port and steamed our way up to the mega dock at the Charleston City Marina. When I say mega dock I mean mega. It’s 1500 ft long. From the boat to the parking lot was 1/4 mile walk one way. Thank God it was 96° degrees and muggy.

Fort Sumter
Mega Dock

Charleston despite its heat in July is a fun place to visit, especially if you love seafood. If you’ve not been…why not?

One of Jana’s former coworker and friend happened to live in town, and just happened to be celebrating her birthday the weekend we were there. So, we ended up being treated to a fabulous meal at Charleston Crab House. A big shout out to Johnny for a great dinner with even better company.

Here’s to Charleston, it’s history, it’s architecture, it’s seafood, and this really cool dog named Bacon.


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