Bimini Bahamas Part III

Ahhh beautiful Bimini. The western most island in the Bahamas. 

A few facts about Bimini…

Its approximate length is 4.5 miles long, and in some cases less than 100 yards wide. 

Its population without a cruise ship, around 1900 souls. Some of which have never left this little spit of land. 

You cannot be born here. They fly you to Freeport or Nassau for the birthing parts.

Hemingway first came here in 1935.

Conch. Its everywhere. And I mean everywhere. You can’t throw a damn conch shell without hitting…well, another damn conch shell.

Coconut drinks, rum drinks, local beers Kalik and Sands are plentyful, along with a most interesting smells of some sort of herb fill the air.

But like most places around the globe its the people and culture that make a visit worthwhile. Big Sam, C.C., Captain Pat, Shadow, Binga, Hot Dog Tina, Turtle, Denver, and Rasta. Just some of the colorful folks that call this place home.

Rasta has quickly become a favorite. He works the marina and is a hell of a nice guy and backgammon player. He has introduced us to some amazing Bahamian food which we, he, and they (Kim and Brett) gather almost nightly for.

This as you can imagine is Jana’s favourite part of the day.

There is much to be said for this little island, but if a picture is worth a 1000 words, I let Bimini speak for itself…

Robert’s grocery store
Dinghy drift in dollar harbor
Dolphin house – built by hand with only discarded and recycled material
Brown’s marina
Radio Beach
Catching the calm after TS Alex

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