That’s what the sticker says. You know, the white oval ones with the black trim and black letters? The ones strategically place on your rear car windows. 

Oxford, Maryland that is. Steeped in deep history and sorta right out of a historical fairytale.

We recently traveled northward up the Chesapeake Bay approximately 35 miles from the west side of the bay, crossing eastward once again into the Tred Avon River, and tied up in downtown Oxford. Dimilos Marina by the way was once  home to Hinkley Yachts. Hinkleys!!!!

The tiny marina sported us a chilly pool but we definitely had a great view from our slip.

This historic town was established in 1683, boasts the longest running privately owned ferry (since1867) and the Robert Morris Inn which was built in 1710. George Washington slept there and it’s still going strong!

It’s a town of only 800 or so full-time residents and there are definitely more sailboats than folks. The homes are quaint, old, and each rather unique. Theres a BMW or Volvo in almost every graveled drive. One of the things Oxford is known for are these tiny fence pieces of art…thingys. The local talent builds ’em, paints ’em, then strategically places them around the town. Then at the end of the year they get auctioned off for multiple charities local charities. Very cool Oxford…idians!!

What’s really best about sleepy town is there’s not a single chotskies or t-shirt shop to be seen. No obnoxious storefronts selling beachballs and plastic jewelry, with embroidered hats and postcard holders with everyones names on them. Just a library quiet place with what appears to be a one man police force. I guess that explains why I can’t get a donut.

Travel is addictive and it’s places like this that regardless of what it takes, you find a way to soldier on to. New places and people, sites, smells, and certainly the food make the harder miles all the worthwhile.

I’m struggling to add some sort of snarky comment where I can insert a well placed expletive.

I got nothin’ dammit!

Heres to fair winds, soul calming seas, and continuing to live the dream.

One thought on “OX

  1. Beautiful pictures,but what was that y’all were eating?it looked like ,hell I don’t know but it didn’t look good enough to eat!ugg!but I’m glad fir y’all & very proud of both of you! Enjoy your journey, love old unk!💯😁🦮🦮🦮🦮


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