Sinatra and Sunsets

We are in this amazing time of year with low humidity and cool breezes where we welcome the sunshine, and I can feel my skin soaking in the vitamin D. That lovely, but short weather window before we reach temperatures that rival the surface of the sun.

Evenings are for deck dinners and sunset views. Weekends are packed with out-of-town guests enjoying the warmth.

We are consciously trying to get out and anchor out more for the weekend. Learning to negotiate the tides and trying to slow down and enjoy our surroundings (tougher than it sounds).

Our recent weekend brought us back to the dock a little sooner than we expected – winds were consistently 20+, but not before we had our first raft up experience. The logic behind rafting up is that one boat, in this case ours, drops anchor and the other boat(s) tie directly to us. This way, we can walk back and forth between the boats, we are secured, and we don’t have the risk of getting tangled in each other’s anchors or lines.

My SIL showing off our raft up technique

Anchoring out with others also has its perks. The boats are separate, so each boat is secured with its own anchor, but this also means you have to provide ample space to allow for swing, so you can only go between boats by dinghy (I mean, you could swim, snorkel, paddleboard, etc.).

A truly special moment happened when friends, family, and the pup were all lined up on the starboard (right) side of Marionette’s Revenge, Sinatra in the background, laughter in the foreground, and all appreciating another amazing sunset. While boat life is definitely not all sunsets and umbrella drinks, we appreciate them when they happen.

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