Ahhhh-napolis- Part 1

Since early this year, our goal has been to return a decade later to the Annapolis sailboat show. The difference of course from 2012 was that this time we would not be traveling via a streak of lighting fancy car, but rather our own beautiful boat.

And that we did. HELL YES! (And not in a southern hootin’ and hollerin’ way)

We’ve spent two glorious months sightseeing some the Chesapeake Bay’s historic towns. We’ve eaten crab and drank…soda…. our way up both the Eastern and Western shorelines. Now, we’ve put Baltimore, our northernmost point behind us and are settling into Annapolis for the next few weeks.

So here we are now in this rather small, but quaint city. A city that takes its sailing seriously. There are thousands and thousands of sailboats here. Seriously. Like a shipload. Actually more like a shitload but I’m trying to keep my sailor mouth in check. Oops.

The architecture here is damn beautiful. I love the row housing, but shack at $600,000.00 I’ll pass on.

A quick tour…

My favorite watering hole…Davis Pub. Been around since circa 1920.


The city dinghy dock. Quick story…I had my life repeatedly threatened right there.

Why you ask? Did you cuss too much?

No. Django and I were on a quiet morning stroll through downtown and upon returning to our dinghy…we were threatened by…dun, Dunn, DUNNNN!!! “Duckman!”

Local resident Loudmouth D. Duckman felt that as my loyal companion and I were strangers in this loony man’s house of crazy, we should evacuate immediately before he MF’ing killed us (better job on the F- bomb sailor boy) He seriously got nose to chest with me and did threaten to kill me right then and there. And he said it several, several, times before I very kindly asked him to step out of my hula hoop and give me some space. Shortly thereafter local authorities were called in and no ducks or humans were injured in the altercation. 

More murals simply ’cause they are cool…

Our boy Django and his imaginary nemesis…

Much more to come in parts 2 and 3 of Annapolis. For now it’s time for a Dark and Stormy and Maryland Crab Soup.


One thought on “Ahhhh-napolis- Part 1

  1. Dark and Stormy has become Cheryl’s favourite cocktail as of late!
    We’ll have to make sure the liquor cabinet is well-stocked.


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