Out With the Gold, In With the Blue!

I was pleasantly surprised with the overall interior condition of Marionette. She needed a good scrub down (or 5), but the wood was in great shape – especially since she had been just sitting for 4 years. But let’s just say that the previous owners (or whoever was the last decorator was) and hubs and I have some different tastes. The salon interior: So. Much. Gold.

These needed to change. Stat. Being a 40 year old boat, Marionette has some beautiful classic exterior lines. A little like a pirate ship. Hubs and I agreed that we wanted to keep the style classic as well: antique brass, navy blues, etc. But still needed to look like a woman lived here, so this is what we came up with:

Hubs said I must be getting better at sewing – My cussing commentary has drastically decreased with this project 🙂

Recovering the cushions with our choices in such a big area was a HUGE step in making her feel like home. Ready for guests!

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