Quoth the Raven

“The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe. Likely one of my favorite poems. Surprising that I’d like something rather dark and spooky I know.

Did you know the NFL team Baltimore Ravens were named after that same poem?

I was this many years old when I found out about that nugget of knowledge.

Almost on a whim we decided to go spend a few days in downtown Baltimore. Our original itinerary was to head north to the very tip top of the Chesapeake Bay to a wee town with a cool name. Havre De Grace. But, it was not to be. Baltimore had never made our radar as big cities and all the hustle is a bit overwhelming to us silly sailors. But, it did offer some great bites, sites, and sounds.

Tis the wind and nothing more.

We pulled into Baltimore harbor and docked Marionette’s Revenge at the city marina. Which just happened to be a quick walk to tour the USS Constellation circa 1853. What a cool freakin’ ship!

Also within walking distance was the Baltimore Aquarium. Another very cool place.

And a Hard Rock Cafe, and a science museum, and, and, and!!!

Only this and nothing more?

Did I mention it was also fleet week? Tall ships, war ships, coast guard ships, and even the Blue Angels made a very quick appearance. We had a front row seat to all of this. It was all happening quite literally where we were docked.

A few weird things too mention as well.

The water within the harbor itself is absolutely disgusting. Nastiest water I’ve seen ever. Except maybe Titusville during manatee mating season. There is so much trash in the harbor the city deploys a daily garbage sweeper. Only in the tourist areas of course. The rest of the harbor is a sad floating trash heap.

The Twelve O’clock Boys. 


Apparently there’s a fairly new law that states the police are prohibited to chase people on 4 wheelers and dirt bikes within the city limits. Again WTF? So, at night it becomes the lawless wild west. Scores of bikes haul ass loudly through neighborhoods and parks doing wheelies and terrorizing folks, and our donut munching boys in blue cannot do shit about it. Sad state of affairs people.

Darkness there and nothing more.

Overall…downtown Baltimore offers a lot to do from a tourist standpoint. Just don’t go out after dark or drink the water. Nevermore.

Review time…

Our newly purchased Mantus anchor is the bomb. Inexpensive? Hell no. But, our 85 lb chunk of metal donning our bow is some of the best money we’ve spent yet. It holds easy in mud and sand, and nearly every time grabs on the first drop. There are scores of cheap anchors on the market but to keep your boat safe and sound, spend your hard earned money on what counts. http://www.mantus.com/

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