Burford GA. Beaufort SC. Beaufort NC.

All are very different places. 

Buford GA is nice…I suppose.

Beaufort SC is lovely, for sure.

But Beaufort NC…Fugettaboutit!

Ok, I promise not to make you say Beaufort anymore.

So we are in this amazing town just north of Morehead City. What the first thing we see as we pull in? This gynormously massive sort of sailboat-ish thing. Its 150 ft long and the mast is just shy of reaching outer space. Seriously, WTF would you do with this? Bridges are 65ft and this is slightly more than that!!! Can you say overcompensating? Enough on the big ass boat. Wait, one last thing…want fill it up with diesel? At $6/gallon, that will be about $56,000.00.

This town holds a near and dear place in my heart. Upon returning from the 2013 boat show in Annapolis we stopped in this festive little town and both fell in love.

Did you know William Teache hung out here?


Blackbeard the pirate!!! No kids, not Bluetooth. He was from Denmark.

Blackbeard. The devilish bearded, murdering pirate who siezed,…err… borrowed…the french slave ship La Concorde de Nates, renamed it Queen Annes Revenge, and held all of Charleston city hostage in trade for a case of medicine. Brilliant!

Sadly in 1718 for all his efforts he was left 20 lbs lighter and approximately one head shorter. 

But he drank here and so did I at one of his favorite watering holes. So you know, me and Blackbeard. We be mates.

This really is a cool little town. Festivals, pirate pub crawls, seafood galore, and a great boardwalk. If you are in the Inner Banks area this is a must see town and a Marionettes Revenge favorite.

Shout out to Jana…we bought some oysters at a festival and she made oysters Rockefeller aboard. Yowsers!!!

We be livin’ high as that mast!!!!

One thought on “Bufort…Buford…Beaufort…Bow-fort

  1. Beautiful pictures, what a,adventures, your mom read & loved it & the PICTURES😁❤️🦮🦮😁🦮🦮🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️


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