Enchanting Enchantress

On my 50th trip around the sun, some good friends and we, decided to celebrate my big birthday by chartering a day sailer out of the Litte River in North Myrtle Beach. We had talked the owner into to doing an overnight up to Southport so I could really see what a CSY was all about. I thought at the time we wanted one, but still a bit unsure.

Then we met this guy. Capt. John of the beautiful 1979 S/V Enchantress. Now, we’ve been very fortunate to meet a lot of cool peeps in our travels, but this fellow was a gem. Witty, smart, good sailor with even better stories.

Fast forward 5 years with our own CSY, and we are now docked directly in front of the Enchantress. Hot damn it’s Capt. John!!!!

Rather than working for the owner, John purchased the boat himself and he’s continuing on Enchantress’ daily duties of taking out vacationers for sunsets, proposals, and, well, who knows what. 

If you find yourself in Myrtle Beach area, and you should, please please look this guy up and go enjoy day sail with Capt. John. I promise you’ll have fun and be highly entertained.

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