HELP WANTED: Looking for late night partying, loud music, fireworks, with a big loud crowd.

You ain’t goin’ to find it here. 

What you will find is a population of 613, 1 seafood market, 1 real-estate office, 1 restaurant, and a general store open from 3-6, three days a week.

That is it.

And oh how lovely it is. 

We pulled into the ramshackled marina and was greeted by the lovely dock hand Lacy. (And yes I failed to get a picture of the hippy chick turned marina manager).

After getting settled in she drew me a map on my recipt of all the sites that were a must see. 

“Turn left out of the marina and the seafood market is on the right. Turn right out of the marina and there’s a 1000 year old tree.”

“No shit!” Says I.

Look, while I could blabber on about how little there was actully here , I won’t. I won’t because this sleepy little town was simply magnificent. Just a few streets with beautiful old homes, huge trees covered in Spanish moss, and not a neon sign in site.

Enjoy McClellanville, South Carolina…

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