Daily Life

Margaritas and sunsets. Tanning, eating, drinking, napping. Life on a boat.


OK, sometimes it is. And it’s freakin’ AWESOME!!!!

We have worked really hard to get here and right now, it’s all too perfect. It’s a sunny 82 degrees with a light breeze blowing through the cockpit. It’s 10:00 a.m. and we have some difficult decisions to make. A second cup of coffee perhaps? Maybe some Jack Johnson on our little overhead speaker? (Shout out to my homie Louis) or maybe just listen to the waves crash against Cat Cay?

Jana, who is typically going 100mph either in her head or working, has a look of contentment and peace the likes I have never seen. She is reading, taken up snorkeling, and the clear blue water has become her T.V.

Last night, after a delicious dinner with the Prices, we lay on deck counting a sea of stars. And 1 passing shooting star headed North. Or left. Ok, I don’t know.

Today, more snorkeling, maybe a dinghy ride to the island, and, between Jana and Kim, more amazing food. Those two should write a cookbook (spoiler alert)

Every blue moon our peace is disturbed by the sound of a passing seaplane. The private island just north of us is inhabited by Jimmy Buffet aka James Warren, Kenny Chesney, and some other well known to doers.

But for us and SV Kitty Hawk, we quietly bob in silence admiring our beautiful view in our beautiful home.


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