Appreciate the Little Things.

We have been living aboard full time now for over 6 years and I would say we have acclimated fairly well to the lifestyle. We have learned many lessons along the way and learned to make do with what we have. Any liveaboard will tell you, this lifestyle is not for everyone. Everyday tasks, like laundry, take a great deal more time. The day to day life is tougher, but I think that makes us appreciate the simple things that much more.

We met a couple recently who decided to spend some time having an adventure before settling down, buying the house, and having the kids. They bought a boat, moved aboard, and dove right in. They work tirelessly on their boat and will be setting sail soon for the Bahamas. One of the major (and pretty shitty) projects they completed was replacing their plumbing lines. Husband and I have worked on several plumbing projects together, and let me tell you, there is NOTHING more intimate (not in a good way) between husband and wife than when you are tending to the pipes and fittings of your and your spouses natures call. Unless you have been here, it is difficult to understand the most primal, most pure form of elation that you feel when you flush your own toilet for the first time. Liveaboards – you get it.

You also learn to live without. Without right angles (it’s a thing – there is not ONE right angle to be found on any surface). Without certain comforts, like washing your clothes at home. You are aware of amperage and power consumption of everything (hair dryer = game over). You sacrifice fridge space and closet space and counter space – you get it. To me, these minor inconveniences are well worth the lifestyle we have. I get to live in a postcard. Spectacular sunsets put on a daily show. The hard work that boats require provide a deep spiritual and emotional connection between vessel and inhabitant.

After many years aboard, I have not sacrificed my love for cooking (or eating). One of my favorite things is to share a meal with my spouse and/or friends. Food is a universal language, understood by all. I believe in beautiful plate presentations and pretty, yet unnecessary garnishments. And my tiny living space, which gives me a tiny kitchen space, is just another challenge that I am willing to accept. My major kitchen appliances over the last 6 1/2 years have been: coffee pot, air fryer, slow cooker, instant pot, 2 burner stove. Notice anything missing? Especially here at the beginning of comfort food season – an oven. Marionette came with an oven, but it hasn’t worked. Until now. Just this week, HUSBAND FIXED THE OVEN!!!!! My hero. First order of business – PIZZA.

Not having an oven has hardly been what I would call a hardship, but that doesn’t mean I am not beyond excited to have one now. When was the last time you got so much joy out of a basic kitchen appliance?

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