Thanksgiving in Review

From time to time, hubby likes to lend his creative writing skills. I always appreciate his perspective and his clever wordsmithing. This entry is no exception. Enjoy!

 November 27th,  Marionettes Revenge and company celebrated American Thanksgiving. (Yes a day late due to some excellent southerly travel)To be honest, it was an extremely bitter sweet day. One of the joys about living aboard and traveling around a bit is making new friends. Our stay in Tarpon Springs has been no different. Over the past few months we’ve gotten to know an amazing couple from California. After an extended stay, their dreams have become reality as they begin their cruising life aboard their 38ft Bristol, “Acadia” for the next unforeseen months or possible years. I can’t begin to tell you how great it is to befriend like minded sailors. Very quickly sailing neighbors bond. Maybe it’s due to the hard work we put in to our beloved vessels, or maybe it’s the deep seeded dreams we share and never have to discuss out loud. While we are very excited for them to begin their adventures, there is definitely a sense of sadness to think we are now parting ways. If you really know me, then you know what true friendships mean to me.

After a relaxing day together moored in Gulfport, with little incident and less gasoline, the sun was setting and it was time to break bread one last time. And by bread, I mean all the traditional turkey day fixings including some sinful key lime pie. The beer and wine flowed, there was plenty of laughter and much too soon the day was winding down. Finally it came time to clean up, take care of a few end of day chores, and sadly part ways with our our southerly bound friends. There were hugs, a few tears, but no “goodbyes.” Simply “until next time.”

Acadia is off for its first adventure with it’s new owners, and we already can’t wait to hear the tales, fails, and fables. Marionettes Revenge heads home to Tarpon Springs but we are already discussing her next new home, with new friends, on the distant horizon. 

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