Our Life in Tarpon Springs

It’s hard to believe that we have been here almost a month already! Immediately after arriving, we grabbed a couple of hours of sleep and loaded into the car to go get Django. We missed that 65 lb ball of fur more than words can say. His greeting did not disappoint! So thankful for Karen, Reilly, and Bill for taking such great care of our boy.

We didn’t have much waiting for us in Florida, just a handful of clothes, so the trip back to Georgia was for Django, hubby’s car, and another car load of essentials (kitchen stuff, clothes, etc.). We caught up with a couple of friends, but had to maintain the appropriate social distance from everyone. Then I got handed some pretty bad news: I was getting furloughed for at least 90 days. Not that there is ever a good time for this to happen, but this felt particularly awful with the mountain of boat projects ahead of us. So beginning May 1, I am essentially unemployed. But – more time to focus on those boat projects! This is the fun part – making our Marionette a home.

Tarpon Springs has the highest Greek population outside of Greece itself and is also home to real life, honest to God sponge docks. Like the shower kind. I don’t know where I thought they came from, but I didn’t realize they came right out of the ocean looking exactly like they do in my shower, but they do.

Another bonus? Highest Greek population = all of the Greek food. YES!! Greek food is not only delicious, but quite similar to Lebanese food which my stepmom has given me a major taste for. I may have had Baklava for breakfast once or twice. Don’t you judge me.

Turle Cove Marina is lovely and the pool opened up about a week after our arrival. It’s pretty nice to be able to lounge by the pool while you are waiting for your laundry to dry. Django and hubs walk through downtown every morning – the Greek bakeries always have old men sitting outside sipping Turkish coffee and smoking. So many smokers in Florida! I ride my adorable bicycle to Winn Dixie every day. Now that the restaurants have opened back up, we walk downtown for dinners. We have great new neighbors and have cooked out with them and the female half of the couple has become a fantastic daily running partner.

While not near as exciting as pizza delivered by dinghy in the Caribbean or late night pullovers by the Puerto Rican Policia, I could just get used to this.

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