New Year – New Post

And from the comfort of the cockpit, Marionettes Revenge blog begins again.

Husband here filling in for the lovely Jana this go round. It’s a new year, and still strange times due to Covid but we all remain hopeful for a better spin around the sun. 

Speaking of better, the upgrades inside and out are coming faster than a rabbit on cocaine. Our countdown is currently on 88 days till GTFO!!! How excited are we?!? Still so many things to get done if we plan on an April 1st departure. 

The biggest of the big  three is Jana is hard at work creating a new canvas top along with an isinglass dodger to keep us better protected from mother nature. She’s an unforgiving mother.  Huh…

Second is all new standing rigging which is finally on order. Its been a long time in coming as a very old friend constantly reminds me of, but we are finally getting to it over the next several weeks. You have no idea how excited Jana is to know she’ll be spending several weekends up the mast!!

Lastly…of the big projects, is an entire rework of the salon. Old fridge out, old oven out, 1 new Dometic fridge and another one a freezer going in. Not to mention a sewing closet for Jana’s little seamstress biz. 

Did I mention she is redoing the entire interior as well? Cushions, pillows, back rests….the whole shebang. 

Did I also mention we just completed on board air conditioning with reverse cycle? Yes! 16,000 BTUs of lovely cold, cold air. Cold air people! I thought I’d have to fly in the ex wife’s heart to get it this cold!!!

The work has been non stop and it feels like ALL we do and all we spend is on our floating money pi….home. She’s a beautiful 42 year old lady and looking better every day, but she is all consuming.

So between now and the next 87 days the blog will pick up as well as we will be adding more pictures and video once we learn how not to drown the new drone. We invite you all to join us on this last leg of preparation for operation GTFO. I’ve gotten Jana almost convinced that from April 1st on it will be nothing but sunsets, dolphins, colorful fishies, and copious amounts of seafood (Shhhhhhh. Please don’t tell her otherwise. I can’t take another beating!)

Till next time, fair winds, fair seas, and hubby out. 

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