The To-Do List Runneth Over

Our very dear friends on Acadia had a brilliant and very useful idea that we have since stolen from them and now have a love hate relationship with it’s usefulness. Meet the wall of shame aka the to-do list:

These are all of the things that need to be done before we leave next year. Color coded by priority. Pink is first, yellow and finally blue. The satisfaction of peeling one of these guys off – I can’t even begin to explain.

We have tried to be thorough in including post its for additional and spare items that we will need on hand like lines and water pumps as well as things we are upgrading and adding to make life aboard more comfortable, sustainable, and maximizing space – like better storage solutions, a dodger for all weather sailing, and covers to keep some of our outdoor items protected.

There are 40 items on the list so far and 397 days until launch time.

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