Happy Boat-versary!

This time of year holds many special memories in our boating lives. And today is no exception! One year ago today, we were in St. Maarten, the world had pretty much shut down. We were staying in a lovely little condo near the boat, so we were coming and going really early and pretty late. All the restaurants and shops had shut down and we were entering and leaving through a side door near the stairs. So it wasn’t strange that we hadn’t seen many other condo patrons. Turns out, NO other patrons.

While pulling double duty of boat work and pays the bills work, I came back to the condo about lunchtime to find a handwritten note stuck under the door. The note very kindly explained that due to the pandemic, the condo was being shut down and had, in fact already been evacuated, except for us. And the poor cleaning lady that had to stay on waiting for us to leave. And had in fact closed down 3 days before. Whoops.

Not having much for cell service on the island, I had no way to contact husband. So I packed what I could, washed the dishes, threw a load in the washing machine (there is no mistaking this luxury) and loaded our tiny, nondescript brown rental car and headed to the boat yard that I quickly realized would now be our home until we left.

Like there was any other choice at the time, but we rolled with it, because what else were we going to do? The memory is fresh and clear in my mind, waking up on that first morning aboard with 2 distinct thoughts: 1) this is amazing! 2) I need a shower. This boat was full of construction dust, fiberglass filling, and many, many layers of schmutz that was not from us. It would in fact take MANY weeks before I felt like whatever dirt was on the boat was produced by my family and not whoever was there before us. But the amazing part was the overwhelming feeling.

7 years, hours and hours of planning, saving, sacrificing, dreaming, set backs, let downs, little wins, big wins, stress, decisions, learning, failing, and, most of all, persevering and we made it happen. Marionette’s Revenge has come a LONG way, literally and metaphorically, in the last 12 months. I have enjoyed many sunrises and sunsets and spent tons of time admiring her. But it brings a happy tear to my high to think back and relive that first night and waking up looking out those very distinct aft windows. Enjoying my first cup of morning coffee in our new home. Can’t beat these memories.

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