Port Charles in Charge

We made it…so far. When we pulled out of Tarpon Springs our focus was safety, seafood, sailing, and apparently other things that start with an “S”. 

The end goal on this trip for 2022 was to revist the Annapolis sailboat show we first experienced already a decade ago. 

It’s nearly now the end of August and we have passed through Norfolk, VA. and into the historic Chesapeake Bay. Which by the way means we’ve sailed the Carribean, the Gulf of Mexico, the North Atlantic, dipped into the Bahamas, and now here. Go us!!

We spent a few days in the picturesque town of Cape Charles. Where, they have a strict “back in only” policy that extends to cars, trucks, golf carts, and even porta-potties. Man, these guys are strict!

The food was delicious and if you find yourself here, hit up The Gingernut Pub. Try the bbq burger!!!

Like most small towns it boasts something unique. In this case it’s the home of the second largest lighthouse in Virginia. Sadly decommissioned now but still a beautiful site.

As always I enjoyed hopping on my trusty electric steed and snapping pics through town for your ocular entertainment.

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