In Need of a Flux Capacitor

This week, let’s call it late March, marks yet another leap to a whole new world aboard our Marionettes Revenge….

…this week Jana and I both give up our comfy, reliable, conditioned air, heated seats, sunroof, four wheeled, gas guzzling, maintenance hungry vehicles.

WHAT!?! No more cars??? Bbbbbut, wait, no car? This is ‘Merica. You HAVE to have a car!!!

The time has come. Mine is sold to a new friend’s sister and Christine, the murderous Mazda, goes into holy hibernation. 

“What does holy hibernation mean Cam?”

 It means it’s being stored at a church. Thank God. Actual credit goes to Jana’s AMAZING aunt Roo for storing it at their church. 

So while we no longer will be driving that doesn’t mean don’t own transportation. As a matter of fact we own many types of tools to create movement of many kinds. It struck me today that for the first time in my many, many, many….many trips around the sun that this is the first time I have had such a plethora of energy forms at my disposal. 

1. Diesel

Our main attraction Marionettes Revenge is powered by the sexiest of diesels. A 75 hp turbo Yanmar that sips fuel like an anorexic supermodel. 

Credit goes to all the smarties at Yanmar.

2. Gas

Dinghy Adventures require something fast and smooth. That way you can arrive at a restaurant dock for dinner 007 style. And you know all us sailors dress to the nines just like Bond. So, our oh so speedy dink relies on our Mercury outboards to get us around. These black beauties require good old gasahaul. Just a few pulls of the cord and the engine sputters to life in a blue haze and away we go. 

Credit goes to my buddy Lambchop. 

3. Electric

A very recent addition (like today) are our two electric scooters. Or “Hardly Davidsons” as I’ve dubbed. These two streaks of lightning can reach a warp speed of 20 mph, with a range of 40 miles. That’s far enough to get lost!  Pretty impressive for something that’s smaller than my ex wife’s ass…. and frankly more fun to ride. 

Credit goes to the good folks at eCarve in Port Ritchie. Go Autumn!

4. Solar

Solar power does not exactly move the boat, but it does power it so to speak. Besides, how do you not credit the sun? It’s the freakin’ sun!! Currently we have about 200 watts of power helping keep the electronics powered up which includes the coffee maker. Which in turn powers the boss, so technichally…

Much more Solar coming but that’s another blog.

Credit Ra on this one.

5. Human Power

No modern-ista cruising sailboat would be complete without a paddleboard. These ridged blow up floating ironing boards are amazing. Jana has been treated to all kinds of amazing wildlife as well as some pretty decent human company due to her inflatable board. Go arm power, the balance of the universe, patience of a glacier, and her hard workouts.

6. Wind

Child blowing a chalk drawing of a sailboat on a blackboard concept for wishing, dreams, hope and aspirations

And last but certainly never least…the wind. That lovely breeze that waves our now extinct locks of hair, turns a windmill, puts a pretty kite to good use, and occasionally happens to blow in JUST the right direction to power our amazing home. Now, keep in mind this is the MOST expensive form of transportation. We are counting on about 10K for a new set of sails for our old girl. That’s slightly more than I paid for my first new car. Yes, I’ll say it, sailing is the most expensive way to travel for free. 

Credit goes to mother earth. We keep selfishly taking but she keeps giving. 

In conclusion, pretty cool that we are now utilizing such a variety of power. 

Diesel, gas, electric, solar, human, and wind is what makes our little world go ’round. Makes you wonder what’s next. 

Hubby out. 

5 thoughts on “In Need of a Flux Capacitor

  1. When I finish my book, “NRG for dummies”, I’d like you to write the forward. This assumes, of course, that your ex doesn’t read your blog and hasn’t surrendered you to the ocean’s bottom, which is likely even less fun to ride. Isn’t revenge fun?

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