Sailing Voyage Day 2

We went to bed last night pretty defeated. The water pump situation, COVID border closures, and the wind was not in our favor for the rest of the journey. Hubs and I both felt much better after a full night’s sleep. Coffee in the Caribbean is always a good way to start a Monday.

Back into the engine room. I have gotten pretty quick at removing the water pump (hey, trying to see the positive in having done it 10 times now!). But all night and into the morning Marionette was still belching like a frat boy. After I got the water pump out, I was looking around to see if I could notice where any more water may be coming in, when I see sunlight coming in through the hull? Well that’s not good.

Turns out during our parade of contractors over the last year, a thru hull (does literally what is says and goes thru the hull), right at the water line was not capped. So when the boat was rocking, which tends to happen in the rolling seas, water was coming in about ½ cup at a time with each rock and each roll. It looked to be about an inch in diameter, so we grabbed a spare hose, a hose clamp, and the most reliable tool of all – duct tape. I contortioned my way between the bulkheads and put the hose on the thru hull, tightened the hose clamp and fed the hose up to hubs who capped off the end with duct tape. This way, the hose is pointing up, preventing water from flowing in. Hello day 2.

Island Lady told us to tune into a community vhf channel. Each morning, the area cruisers get on the vhf to share and swap information and news, they ask if anyone needs help or has questions and just share advice. They have a different voluntary moderator each day and this meant to be just helpful. What a wholesome concept! Do we have to leave? This is an amazing example of community amongst strangers who share a common interest. Imagine if this were a common practice in each community?

One thought on “Sailing Voyage Day 2

  1. Bless y’alls heart’s,it’s sounds like your not a happy camper😂,just kidding,bring me back a cup of that Caribbean coffee😂,enjoy the rest of your journey,we love yall &mizzes y’all!!❤ wish you both GOOOOD luck&be safe!!❤☺☺

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