Meet Our Neighbors

Living in the boatyard the last couple of weeks, I am struck by the differences between our only two neighbors. About 60 feet to my right is Omar and his family – They are Jamaican and whatever his wife is cooking all day smells like heaven. Their boat is the same model as ours, but they have somehow managed a 42″ TV. There is no mast and no motor. Because of the direction their boat faces, a passing wake creates a washing machine effect. Which we have witnessed on many occassions, but by far my favorite has been when Mrs. Omar was giving their son (who is about 8 or 9) a bath in the cockpit. They recently adopting a kitten from the local shelter who has an amazing set of lungs and I think they may be naming him after my hubby.

Then on the other side, about 75 feet to my left, are Jim and Kathy in their big cruiser. They are American, ex-pats, that left the US about 20 years ago and have been in Sint Maarten for about 4 years. Jim has been kind enough to lend their wi-fi and his workshop. That is an unfitting term – Jim’s “workshop” is a 40+ ft shipping container that may actually have more tools that the local hardware store. And is air conditioned. Jim and Kathy gave us a tour of their boat and for as many boats as I have been on, I can confidently say I have NEVER seen one with a room designated for their thermal massage bed. Usually I equate living on a boat with a certain amount of sacrifice, well worth it, but sacrifice nonetheless – not Jim and Kathy. They lack NOTHING in that boat. Jim monitors his solar input and output on his 55 inch TV in the greatroom. They share their space with a 16 year old cat named Winston and an adopted yard dog named Chaos.

Chaos is a sweet mutt about 3 or 4 years old. She was a rescue and weighed less than a pound when they found her. Now, she is in charge of the yard. My new favorite game – what is Chaos playing with today? Could be a piece of a tire, an old frisbee, or, like this morning, sandpaper.

Honorable mention goes to Bug Zapper Guy. Why is this his name? Funny you should ask! I believe he lives and works on another boat in the yard, but in the afternoons he sits in the shade of one lifted boats with an electronic bug zapper. Who needs TV?

2 thoughts on “Meet Our Neighbors

  1. That’s cool,glad y’all,are having great time,&met some neighbors,y’all have a great time &enjoy your selves!!!life is what meant too be,have a safe trip!!!love yall❤,old unk 🙂🙂

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